Mahansar fort

he Mahansar fort, Narayan Niwas Palace and Sone-Chandi Ki Dukaan are the famous places to visit in Mahansar. Sone Chandi Ki dukan’s ceiling is a fresco rich site, there are various mythological depictions made in the inner roof. The royal fort is now operating as a heritage hotel now. Tourists can stay there during the visit.Mahansar (Sometimes written as Mehansar) is a village situated at the border of district JhunjhunuSikar and Churu , once the part of Panchpana estate of Maharao Shardul Singh Ji, Mehansar was awarded to Thakur Nahar Singh Ji who built the Mahansar fort in year 1768. The trading activity of ornaments and other valuables was at a high in ancient times in Mahansar, although with the migration of trading community to bigger cities the activity has also stopped. However Mahansar has maintained it’s heritage liquor brewing tradition, today the heritage liquor made with old royal formulas is famous across the world. The main attraction of this particular village of Shekhawati is the Royal Heritage Liquor. The royal scions Mr. Rajendra Singh Shekhawat has nurtured the traditional drink by preserving the recipe. Today the Mahansar brew is producesd under Heritage Liquor brand.  This heritage drink is purely made from herbal produces, ghee and dry fruits. One can not easily forget the taste and blend of the heritage liquor easily.